Laundry Bag FAQs

What are the benefits of using a PVC mesh laundry bag?

 There are three main benefits to using a PVC mesh laundry bag. 

  1. Reduces Mildew- air circulates freely through the mesh allowing the bag contents to dry rapidly and thus reduces mildew formation. Less mildew means less stringent cleaning resulting in longer life of the linens 
  2. Lowers processing costs - Bags are easily air dried after a brief cleaning and dry in minutes resulting in less energy costs to launder and dry the bags for reuse.
  3. More durable than cloth/polyester - PVC is long wearing and cut and run resistant. Repair is simple and strong giving longer life to the bags and saving money in replacement costs

    Why purchase PVC Mesh bags from Plexus Industries Inc.?

     Plexus Industries Inc. uses only top quality fabric to assure top quality. We can supply any quantity and can customize a PVC mesh bag to meet our customers special needs. And, you deal directly with the company's owner. Just give us a call at 619-888-7173


    How much do they cost?

     The cost varies, we are a quality manufacturer with a focus on making the best product possible. To receive a customized quote feel free to contact us through email or by phone.


    How are the commercial laundry bags used?

     They are widely used as linen service pick up bags and uniform service pick up bags for the reasons described above.