PVC Mesh Laundry Bag

Plexus Industries distributes top quality commercial laundry bags used as linen service pick up bags and uniform service pickup bags. We supply affordable durable commercial laundry bags in PVC coated mesh bags to the commercial linen service industry and commercial uniform service and bio hazard bags to the health care linen service industry. We offer the finest commercial laundry bag in PVC and PE.
  • Standard bag size is 28" x 36" for easy handling
  • Tapered size if 28"+18"x36"
  • 8 one inch nylon tie loops for easy closure
  • Flat 1/2 inch tubed polyester draw cord prevents knotting
  • Reinforced nylon loop handle on inside and outside of bag
  • Linen Service Pick up Bags
  • Uniform Service Pick up Bags
  • all sizes are approximate and can vary 1"-2"

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